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The Christmas SPIRIT Foundation is organizing locally-hosted events (called TweetUp4Troops). The local TweetUp4Troops events are designed to generate funds to support the Foundation's Trees for Troops program. Even though Veteran's Day has past, it is not to late to help! The holiday season can be a great time to gather your friends, family and community to make a difference. To date, Trees for Troops has touched 50,082 military families by providing them a fresh, farm-grown Christmas tree for the holidays. With your help, TweetUp4Troops can spread the joy to many more families!

If you are interested in becoming a Local Host, follow these easy steps:

  1. Join the Groupsite group TweetUp4Troops. Create and customize your own profile.

  2. Read the YouCanBeALocalHost.pdf document in order to better understand the role of a local host. This document is available in the File Cabinet under the Share tab. Being a host is easy and fun!

  3. Click here to fill out and submit the Local Host Registration Form.
  4. When you have completed the form, follow the prompts back to the TweetUp4Troops site.
  5. Feel free to navigate around this site and use the tools provided to make your volunteer work as a local host simple and successful! In the File Cabinet under the Share tab, find other documents to help you come up with event ideas, fundraising & organization tips and ideas to involve local media & publicity.
  6. Don't forget to check out the Photos Galleries under the Share tab as well as the video gallery and FAQs section!
  7. Once you have signed up to be a local host, direct those planning on attending your event to this site.

 Watch this Trees for Troops 2008 video to see more images of the program in action:



The Christmas SPIRIT Foundation is a member of the Combined Federal Campaign, the largest workplace giving campaign. Federal civilian, postal and military employees are encouraged to donate to the charity of their choice.

CFC # - 12283


The Christmas SPIRIT Foundation is listed as an America Supports You Homefront Group on the Department of Defense Community Relations Web site.



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